Featured Work


AGENCY / The Barbarian Group

CLIENT / Samsung

CenterStage is Samsung's product kiosk that enables users to view products at full size, experience product features, and see it in action. It is currently installed in Best Buy stores around the US and in electronics stores in Europe. My role was as front-end Cinder developer.

Wheel of Levy

AGENCY / The Barbarian Group

CLIENT / Pepsi

The Wheel of Levy was an integrated campaign where Latin heartthrob William Levy seduces your tastebuds with the power of his acting skills and the unbelievable taste of Pepsi Next. This was a video heavy flash site that included streaming videos and integration with a backend that submitted use info to recieve coupons for Pepsi Next. The site uses AS3 and the RobotLegs framework. Winner of The FWA Site of the Day.


AGENCY / The Barbarian Group

CLIENT / Samsung

As part of Samsung's Boosted campaign, we created a site that enabled user's to create gift wrap that was composed of tweets from specific twitter authors or of selected hashtags. The site integrated with a vendor to actually print and deliver your custom gift wrap. The site was created in Flash/AS3 using Robotlegs. The site won an FWA Site of the Day award and a One Show Pencil among others.

Code Rally Ribbon

AGENCY / The Barbarian Group


As part of an code jam event, "dev@Pulse" where developers hack on IBM's Code Rally racing API, IBM took over the Las Vegas event space Hakkasan, including this LCD ribbon that spanned the perimeter. It displayed up to date event messages as well as race info. A then-Beta version of Cinder was used to display this 15008x96 pixel banner.

100 Year Starship Website

AGENCY / The Barbarian Group

CLIENT / 100 Year Starship

The Barbarian Group worked with the non-profit group 100 Year Starship to rebrand and develop a much needed overhaul of their website. Since there was a pretty low budget, we had to come up with clever ways to work in dynamic content for cheap, including using Tumblr, RebelMouse, Google Calendars, Chatzy, and FetchApp. My role was as Front End Developer working with a backend develeper using Ruby on Rails.

  • Case Study on Vimeo
  • Visit 100yss.org
    Disclaimer: The site has since been handed over to another agency for updates, so it's not 100% the same site that was handed over, as you could imagine.

GE Instawalk

AGENCY / The Barbarian Group


GE's Instawalk is a series of real-time tours through some of GE's facilities. The site showcases select photographer's instagram photos from the tour. My role was as front-end developer using an in-house developed framework specifically built for GE.

New York Yankees Seat Selector

AGENCY / Iomedia

CLIENT / New York Yankees

In 2008, I helped Iomedia make the first of its kind stadium seat selector. It included renders of the new and under-development Yankees Stadium and a way to select any section in the stadium to see what your 360 degree view would look like. This was the first of what would become Iomedia's Virtual Venue. My role was as lead flash developer and was built using AS3 and the Pure MVC framework.